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Rebuttal - Special Collection: Open Science Practices - a vision for the future of SAJIP

Reducing our dependence on null hypothesis testing: A key to enhance the reproducibility and credibility of our science  
Kevin R. Murphy
05 November 2019

Original Research

At the edge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Employees’ perceptions of employment equity from a CIBART perspective  
Rudolf M. Oosthuizen, Claude-Hélène Mayer
24 October 2019

Original Research

Integrity and derailment of senior leaders in the Southern African context  
Pieter Koortzen, Rudolf M. Oosthuizen
21 October 2019

Original Research

Investigating the factor structure of the South African Personality Inventory – English version  
Nadia Morton, Carin Hill, Deon Meiring, Leon T. de Beer
17 October 2019

Original Research - Special Collection: Mental Health Research in African Organisations

Factors and effects of work-related stress and burnout on the well-being of social workers in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa  
Jabulani G. Kheswa
10 October 2019